The mission of Heritage Academy is to partner with Christian parents to prepare college-worthy, character witnesses for Jesus Christ.

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Each secondary student (7th-12th grades) is prayerfully assigned a “House”. This group of peers and faculty will serve as the student’s family unit throughout their time at Heritage.

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This area covers our Honor Code, Code of Conduct, Dress Code, and what we expect from our parents when partnering with Heritage Academy. Welcome to the Family.


Here you will find the documents and forms necessary to enroll in classes at Heritage Academy. ​ Along with tuition and fees, you’ll find athletic forms and forms to volunteer.

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Our Mission

The mission of Heritage Academy is to partner with Christian parents to prepare college-worthy, character witnesses for Jesus Christ.


I attended Heritage from 3rd-12th grade and graduated with honors. I would have chosen no other school to attend. The teachers are highly encouraging and are always available to answer questions and work with students on a 1-on-1 basis due to the small class sizes. Students are given opportunities through Monday chapels and other activities to grow closer together spiritually and in their own personal walk with God. I felt tremendously prepared academically when I got to college, and would recommend Heritage to any family looking to provide a quality, personal education for their child.
This is my youngest 1st year at Heritage Academy and we absolutely love it. I like the college model and how well administrators, teachers and parents work together to make this school work. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a solid faith-based school to check out Heritage Academy.
I attended Heritage Academy from 2008 to 2012 (8th grade to graduation), and looking back at my time there it has been one of the best decisions my parents ever made to have me go there. Heritage was a challenging yet fun atmosphere where I was blessed by having amazing teachers throughout my time there who taught a Christian worldview through every subject. My time at Heritage also served to prepare me for a rigorous college experience. Currently working at my Alma mater at Central Methodist University, I see a lot of freshmen who enter their first year and have a tough time transitioning to the college setting. When I first came to CMU, it just felt like another semester because I was prepared for what a classwork felt like and what was expected of me. This is what makes Heritage unique. It's essentially a college liberal arts education and puts students in a position to succeed at a high level after high school. I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything.
My children have attended Heritage for the past 8 years. It is a loving Christian environment where our girls are flourishing. I know that our children are receiving not only a great education, but aso building relationships with like-minded children that will last a lifetime.
I've attended Heritage Academy for 9 inconsecutive years and I've loved most of my time there, although I have noticed a decrease in the quality of education as I've been there longer. Good community and I've had some wonderful, driven, encouraging teachers. Thankful for my time here.
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Dear Parent,

Welcome to the Heritage family!

​We’re excited to partner with you to invest in the lives of your children and the future of your families through a Christ-centered college-preparatory K12-education. For over two decades, Heritage Academy has successfully prepared over 140 students to succeed, not merely as college students, but as life-long learners and followers of Jesus Christ.

Heritage Academy is a Christian school. Heritage Academy and each of our families seek to bring glory to God in His Son, Jesus Christ. While the school is autonomous, and not affiliated with any denomination, it is the aim of our hearts and the purpose of our programs that Christ be preeminent. Families representing over 30 different local churches are part of our community, working together to integrate faith and a biblical worldview into every course of study and school activity.

Heritage Academy is a College Preparatory school. As a University-Model® school, we strive to prepare our students for the college of their choice so that they are college ready on the day they step foot on campus. At Heritage, we teach towards mastery of concepts and students are able to advance academically on merit. Because of our University-Model®️ schedule, all classes function on an accelerated basis. In addition, we encourage all students to prepare for college entrance exams such as the ACT.

Heritage Academy is a collaborative approach to education. Compared to traditional schooling options, the University-Model®️ requires an unusually high level of parental partnership with teachers in each student’s academic progress. This opportunity for increased relational involvement with their students is the gift that University-Model®️ schooling offers to parents who are eager to walk alongside their student(s) during some of the most formative years of life.

As you explore the contents of Heritage Academy’s website, our hope is that you find greater clarity for the decisions your family is considering.

Partnering with you in Christ,
David CurreyDavid Currey
Board Chair & Interim Administrator ​