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Honor Code

As character witnesses for Jesus Christ it is our responsibility to be persons of integrity, striving to honor God in our academic pursuits and relationships with others. Heritage Academy strives to encourage a healthy Christian community with students, teachers, staff and parents. Every year we ask that teachers, staff and students affirm (1) their responsibility as members of the Heritage family, (2) their belief in the core values of Heritage Academy, and (3) their agreement with the code of conduct and dress code by signing an Honor Code Pledge.

Code of Conduct

Heritage Academy’s Code of Conduct identifies specific actions, attitudes, and character the school expects Heritage Academy students to exhibit as they participate in school community. While conduct on campus and at school-sponsored activities is of obvious importance, actions and attitudes lived off of campus can be just as constructive or harmful to family and school relationships as behavior clearly viewed in the classroom or at school functions. This being said, Heritage Academy considers the general expectations stated below to reach beyond mere on-campus conduct.


Express love for God and for others through acts of kindness, wholesome and uplifting speech, redemptive expressions of confrontation and forgiveness, merciful acts to those in need, and loving proclamation of the gospel.

Practice integrity and self-control, truthfulness in speech, honesty in conduct, and moral purity in thought, word and action.

Pursue excellence in all that he/she does as an expression of gratitude to God and a desire to be a good steward of God’s gifts.

Respectfully submit to federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

These additional elements of the Code of Conduct apply to students on campus and during events sponsored by Heritage Academy and to those supporting Heritage Academy during extracurricular activities.

Dress Code

General Requirements

​All clothes must be neat and clean at the beginning of the day and may not be torn or have frayed edges. Please keep clothing from being excessively tight and form fitting, excessively loose, or short at waist which allows skin to be seen. ​

Relaxed Dress Code

For after-school athletic events, picnics, field days, and other events as designated by the school office, a modest relaxed dress code will apply. Heritage Academy’s Relaxed Dress Code allows for: modest-fitting pants and shorts (no frays, rips, or holes, MUST be no more than 4 inches above the knee), t-shirts (with appropriate graphics permitted), athletic shorts; hats, and flip-flops. Leggings not permitted.

Immediate Resolution of Dress Code Violations

When a student is observed to be in violation of dress code, the Director of Community Life will be notified so that the issue of non-compliance can be resolved. Non-compliance forms will be sent home to inform parents as needed.

In extreme cases, parents may be contacted immediately in order to facilitate dress code compliance. Matters of understanding and/or of the heart may also be explored so that the student is less likely to repeat the same violation and the student is invited to consider the deeper attitudes of the heart if this seems appropriate.

Dress Code 2022 - 2023


Upper Body

Shirts: Collared shirts with sleeves, only small logos permitted (3”x3” or less). Dressy long-sleeved shirts or sweaters are permitted.

Lower Body

Pants: Slacks, cargo pants or denim. No distressed, tattered, bleached or holes, no sweatpants, or athletic pants

Shorts: Nice dress shorts, denim, or Cargo shorts. No more than 4 inches above knee.


Upper Body

Shirts: Collared shirts with sleeves, only small logos permitted (3”x3” or less). Dress shirts with sleeves and with modest necklines. No cleavage is acceptable for class at any time. No sheer fabrics or bra/bra straps visible at any time.

Lower Body

Pants: Slacks, cargo pants, or denim. No distressed, tattered, bleached or holes, no sweatpants, yoga pants or athletics pants. Leggings are categorized as undergarments and should be only worn under dresses or skirts which meet length guidelines.

Shorts: Nice dress shorts, denim, or cargo shorts. No more than 4 in. above the knee.

Skirts or dresses: No more than 4 inches above knee (Students are encouraged to wear shorts or leggings underneath skirts and dresses)

Heritage spirit wear (t-shirts, polos, pull-overs, hoodies) is allowed every day for all grades.

*All students may wear completely solid, blank t-shirts in solid colors. They may also wear scripture bearing, church related, and college wear t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. (Shirts must be clean and presentable, free of holes, distressing, or fraying)


Clean shoes or boots. No flip-flops, crocs, or athletic “slides”. Dressy sandals permitted (including birkenstock style). Please note: Appropriate footwear required per course syllabus

Foundations for Partnership

Both parent involvement and student cooperation are critical for Heritage Academy to successfully fulfill its mission, a mission which includes a vital spiritual element. Therefore, as a condition for admission to Heritage Academy, the parents of each student applying for admission must be in agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith. Heritage Academy also regards the following guidelines as basic criteria for granting admission to families seeking partnership with the school.

Parent Affirmation

Parents are committed to providing a home environment that reflects Biblical morality.

Parents will agree with the school’s purpose and spiritual objectives and be willing to abide by the school’s rules and regulations.

Parents will commit to having a parent in the home during at-home school days to affirm the value of family connectedness and parent-child discipleship, and to provide the structure, accountability, and support essential to effective University-Model® education and as required by Heritage Academy’s “Parent Roles” defined in the Family Manual

Parents will be committed to providing a complete and well-rounded education for their student(s), supplementing courses taken at Heritage Academy as necessary. Parents will be active members of a Christian church that is in keeping with Heritage Academy’s Statement of Faith.

Parents will agree with and support the school’s procedures for handling student discipline.

Parents will affirm that they have reviewed Heritage Academy’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code and agree to support enforcement thereof concerning their child/children at Heritage Academy.

Parents will affirm that their child/children has/have reviewed Heritage Academy’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code and agree to abide by the standards contained therein.

Parents will provide continually-updated immunization records for each enrolled child, before the first day of school.

Parents agree to inform the school’s Administrator if any significant changes occur in relation to topics addressed above.

Parents agree to prioritize attendance at informational and/or training sessions as offered by the school.

Student Affirmation

Students will affirm their commitment to community by willingly submitting to Heritage Academy’s expectations and standards as exemplified in the academy’s Core Values.

Family Manual

Heritage Academy families may reference Heritage Academy’s Family Manual to view policies pertaining to academics, extra-curricular opportunities, and daily operational procedures.