University Model

The Heritage Advantage

Our Three Distinctives


Biblical Worldview

As a private, Christian school, Heritage strives to integrate a biblical worldview into every course of study assisting students in the development of a robust Christian faith, and enabling them with critical thinking skills as they learn to defend their faith without being defensive.

​Heritage is a Christian community which supports a shared belief system and provides positive peer pressure for each student to uphold the Honor Code. Above all, the desire of Heritage Academy and each of our families is to bring glory to God in His Son, Jesus Christ. While the school is autonomous, and not affiliated with any denomination, it is the aim of our hearts and the purpose of our programs for Christ to be made manifest in the lives of our faculty, our staff, and our families.


College Preparatory

College Ready: Day 1

As a school focused on college preparation, qualified and passionate teachers are a large part of what makes the difference in the education we offer. They enable us to offer rigorous course study and dual credit for upper division classes. In addition to developing and delivering quality courses of study, our teachers strive to prepare students for the PSAT, ACT test and success in all their future endeavors.

​Our Academic Advisor, along with the Head of School, provides guidance for High School graduation and entrance into College.


Always Inclusive

The University-Model® provides a unique approach to education that partners teachers and parents to educate students. Students attend classes on campus 1-3 days per week, benefitting from professional instruction and the classroom learning community. On alternate school days, they are at home completing assigned coursework under the guidance and supervision of a parent.

The University-Model® requires a high level of parental involvement in each student’s academic progress; it also provides the assistance of a professional teacher. For parents eager to walk alongside their students during some of life’s most formative years, the University- Model® is a perfect fit.

Our University-Model® Philosophy

The University-Model® philosophy combines the best in classroom education with parent-based education in the home. The intention of the University-Model® is to provide a structure for education that allows students to experience the benefits of focused, on-campus, professional instruction and a vibrant learning community on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then benefit from life in the home and increased relational time with parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In this way, the model mimics the type of academic structure students experience at the university level – alternating days when students receive classroom instruction and then complete coursework on their own outside of class. It also honors the unique responsibility that parents have to know, teach, and disciple their children.

While the model champions family time and parental involvement, it also relieves parents from the full load of homeschooling, which involves selecting and sequencing curriculum, being the primary teacher, facilitating meaningful assessment, tracking homeschool hours, keeping a record of progress, etc. By the time students in this model graduate from high school, they are ready for productive, independent study and purposeful time management – skills essential for success in college.